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History and Mission

Mountain Boulevard Montessori School was founded in 1983. The school was built based upon Dr. Montessori’s original beliefs that every child deserves an opportunity to learn. Throughout nearly the last three decades the school has evolved to meet the changing needs of our students, yet, has maintained a smaller atmosphere that truly supports a close-knit relationship with our students and families. The school currently serves forty- five children each day between the ages of two through six.

Mountain Boulevard Montessori School is a full-affiliate member of the American Montessori Society. The school offers a comprehensive, hands-on Montessori program based on the child-centered curriculum of Dr. Montessori. We have a staff of devoted teachers whose ultimate goal is to maintain a comfortable and encouraging learning environment where each child can reach their fullest individual potentials.

Founded in 1983.

At Mountain Boulevard Montessori School, we view each child as having and developing an important personal skill-set to offer towards the future of our world.

Consequently, as educators we build educational relationships with our students to accomplish the end-goal of independence and self-confidence in every student. The greatest gift of an educational relationship is observing the growth, potential and educational independence everyday in the students we serve.