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Values and Diversity

Mountain Boulevard Montessori School takes great joy in maintaining a small student community, having close educational relationships and sustaining a very diverse student body. Many of our teachers as well as students speak a second language. This diversity is often translated into classroom activities and cultural celebrations throughout the school year. At Mountain Boulevard Montessori School we believe that learning about various cultures and traditions prepares our students in becoming future leaders who understand the world as a whole. We not only value cultural diversity, but a great many traits are often viewed through our students.

Many of these traits are inherent and some will develop differently in the child over a period of time. These traits include:

  • Respect of environment
  • Cooperation & socialization with others
  • Cultural diversity
  • Inherent enthusiasm to be a self-directed learner
  • Imagination & unique independent skills
  • Determination & discovery
  • Integrity & compassion
  • Encourage the joy of learning
  • Social & emotional growth
  • Care of self & others

Mountain Boulevard Montessori School