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What We Teach

Developing cognitive, emotional and social skills.

At Mountain Boulevard Montessori School, we assist children in the developing cognitive, emotional and social skills that will carry them throughout a lifetime. Our overall goal for the future of our students is not only to develop academic skills for the future, but for our students to become well-rounded, independent, self-sufficient and confident global citizens.

Every child has a unique set of learning skills, as such it is important to create a learning balance where every child will continue to love learning throughout a lifetime. In order to gain skills in independence and academic knowledge, there are a variety of subjects that our students study throughout their time at Mountain Boulevard Montessori School.

Science - What We Teach


Hands-on, simple experiments demonstrate earth-science physical concepts such as magnetism, gravity, light and electricity. Investigation of nature’s constant elements such as volcanoes, earthquakes, as well as historical aspects of pre-historic creatures such as dinosaurs.

Sensorial - What We Teach


The development and refining of the senses through exploration of the physical world including smell, taste, sight, sound, touch and grading of size, shape and color.

Botany - What We Teach


The study of plants, life cycle of plants, parts of plants, classification of plant parts, how plants grow and care of plants.

Geography & Culture - What We Teach

Geography & Culture

The study of the Earth and its continents, puzzle maps, Earth’s land and water forms, weather systems, outer space, countries of different continents and various cultural traditions.

Language Arts - What We Teach

Language Arts

Phonetics, symbolic representation of letters, introduction to reading, reading fluency, introduction to Grammar, handwriting (formation and printing) and sentence analysis.

Mathematics - What We Teach


Association of quantity and number symbols, memory work, concrete abstraction, decimal system, arithmetic operations and geometric studies.

Practical Life - What We Teach

Practical Life

Development of practical everyday skills. Practical life activities promote concentration, order, coordination and independence with activities such as pouring, sweeping, buttoning, scrubbing and zippering.

Zoology - What We Teach


Study of animals, mammals & non-mammals, vertebrates & invertebrates, parts of animals, different species, life-cycles of animals and animal habitats & characteristics.